How to link your Spotify account with Alexa from iPhone

How to link your Spotify account with Alexa from iPhone

We show you the way to link your Spotify account with Alexa and thus be able to listen to all your music from one of these speakers.

Spotify with Alexa

So you can link Spotify with Alexa

Today we are going to teach you link your Spotify account with Alexa. A good way to have your account linked with the Amazon voice assistant.

We are in an era in which voice assistants have more and more presence in our lives. With the battle between Siri, Alexa and the Google Assistant, we do not know where to go or what to choose. In this case we are talking about the Amazon assistant, which perhaps, along with Google’s is one of the most advanced.

In this case, we are going to link the Spotify account with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant, so that we can choose the music we want just by asking Alexa for it.

How to link your Spotify account with Alexa

What we must do is enter the Spotify app and go directly to its settings. Within these settings, we must select the tab <>.

Inside we will see the assistants that we have available to link our account. In this case, Amazon Alexa appears. As we can see on the screen, we must click on the button <>, to later click on the tab that appears below <>.

Spotify with Alexa 1Spotify with Alexa 1

Click on ‘Link’

Once this is done, our account will be fully prepared for us to ask the assistant for the music we want. As they tell us from the same Spotify app, just by saying “Alexa, play my songs”, this will already know that we must search for them in said app and reproduce it.

Without a doubt, one more advance with these assistants, who intend to make our day to day much easier and above all, much more productive.


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