How to know with what name your contacts have saved you

How to know with what name your contacts have saved you

We show you the way we have to know with what no name your contacts have saved for you, to see if you get any surprises or not.

So you can know with what name your contacts have saved you

Today we are going to teach you know under what name your contacts have saved you. A great way to find out first-hand how your friends have you saved in their diaries.

Many times we wonder if our friends will have us in their agendas saved with a special name. Surely more than one has that friend saved by his nickname or with a characteristic one that defines him perfectly. And you on more than one occasion have wanted to know which one they have you with, it sure has piqued your curiosity …

Well, we are going to show you here how to know this first-hand and also in a very subtle way. So if you’ve ever wondered this… don’t miss anything that comes next.

How to know with what name your contacts have saved you

The process is simple and it is certain that you would never have imagined that in such a simple way you could obtain this result. To do this, just go to the WhatsApp app and ask that person from whom we want to obtain this information.

That is, if we have a friend, colleague, family member … we want to know with what name he has saved us, we just have to write to him:

  • Hello, share with me my contact who wants to see something.

Ready, with a phrase of this style, the other person will share our contact with us and here we will see first-hand with what name they have saved us, as it happens here …

name they have saved you 1

Shared contact with the name saved by your contact

So if this has not occurred to you until now, you already have the way to do it and find out from all your friends who has saved you with your name and who has you with a nickname.


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