How to know which people do not have you in their contact list

How to know which people do not have you in their contact list

Do you know that with WhatsApp You can know that people do not have you added to their contact list on the mobile ?. We tell you how to know.

Find out who has removed you from their contact list

WhatsApp is an application that we all use, to a greater or lesser extent, to communicate with almost all of our friends, family, colleagues … and establish conversations of all kinds. An essential app on anyone’s mobile, whatever their age.

Thanks to the privacy settings that the application has, we can determine that people do not have us added in their phone contact list. We can even hide our profile picture to the contact we want without having to block it.

Next, we are going to explain how to know if someone has deleted you from their contacts. It is something that is not 100% effective, but it is the best way to detect that information.

How to know if a contact has you added to their contact list:

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The characteristic that reveals that one of your contacts does not have you in their contacts, is when creating a new message. In it you will see the profile photo of all your contacts, as we showed in the previous video.

WhatsApp contact list

WhatsApp contact list

As you can see in the photo above, the profile photos appear in all except two. These people may be, almost 100%, that they do not have us in their contact list.

If the profile photo of a WhatsApp contact does not appear, it can determine that that person does not have you in their contact list.

And how do we know that? It may be that only the contacts that you have in your phone book see your profile picture and status. If you are not among them, it will not show it. That is why we can determine that that friend, relative, etc … does not have you on their mobile.

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There may be several reasons why they don’t have you on their list. For example, a terminal change may be one of them, but you can start to be suspicious.

Reasons why this WhatsApp tutorial may fail:

As we have said before, this is not 100% certain since the following reasons can be given for why this article fails:

  • In the privacy of WhatsApp, the person in question, keep in mind that they do not show anyone their profile picture or status, which we doubt almost 100%.
  • It may be that a person has, in the privacy of the app, configured to show their photo and status to all people, whether they are contacts or not. This would camouflage whether a person has you on their contact list or not.

That is why we say that, despite the fact that this tutorial is not 100% effective, it may have a very high success rate.

We hope, in this way, to help you find people who do not have you among their contacts.


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