How to know what time a WhatsApp has been received and read

How to know what time a WhatsApp has been received and read

You want to know what time has a WhatsApp been read? In this article we are going to explain it to you. We are also going to tell you about the differences between the information shown in a private chat and a group chat.

What time has a WhatsApp been read

You are one of the people who like to know when they receive and read your messages from WhatsApp. We will tell you how to access that information.

It may be that this function of the most used messaging app in the world is the one that generates the most discussions. Knowing when a person receives and reads a message makes many people angry with the person who receives it, if they do not reply right after they have read it. Surely, sometime, you’ve seen yourself in that position, right?

What time has a WhatsApp been read in a private chat:

To know when a message has been received and read in a private chat, do the following:

  • The first thing is to send a message to a person or group.
  • To know when the message has been received and if it has been read or not, we must slide the message that we have sent to the left. When doing so, a screen will appear where it will give us the information we want.
Time a WhatsApp was read

Time when a WhatsApp was read

You can also know the time when a WhatsApp has been delivered and read, by holding down the message and pressing the “INFO” option. that appears in the drop-down menu.

Interesting, right?

This has some limitations in private chats. If your contact has deactivated the “Read receipts”, you will only know when you received the message (2 gray checks appear). You will never know when you read it.

When a message has been read in a group:

To know when messages are received and read in a group, we must do the same as in a private chat. In one of our messages, swipe left to access that information.

The only difference is that a list of the people in the group who have received it will appear, in case they have not read it yet, and with the time they have read it.

Message read by members of a WhatsApp group

Message read by members of a WhatsApp group

In group chats, even if you have read receipts disabled, the time at which you have read it will appear next to your name. This is a setback for people who do not want it to be known when they read the messages.

We hope you liked this article in which we tell you how to know when a message sent in has been read WhatsApp and, if you find it interesting, share it on your social networks to make it reach as many people as possible. We would appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.



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