How to know if you have installed profiles on the iPhone … BEWARE !!!

How to know if you have installed profiles on the iPhone ... BEWARE !!!

We are going to teach you how Check if you have installed profiles on the iPhone. It is something that we should all check for the proper functioning of the device and to avoid possible «spies«.

Management of profiles on the iPhone

Profile management on iPhone

Today we bring you some of our tutorials for iPhone and iPad, which we recommend you check for your own good. We should always be aware of how privacy is configured on our device and also in our apps. It is something that guarantees us to have our information safely and avoid sharing it with companies, people … with whom we do not want to share it.

Configuration profiles are very useful as long as they are installed with knowledge of the source from which they came. Make the settings to use the iPhone in networks or with accounts of companies or educational centers. You may be asked to install a configuration profile that has been emailed to you or downloaded from a web page. You will be asked for permission to install the profile, and when you open the file, information about its content will be displayed.

Of course, we must be very careful if we detect that we have profiles installed without permission. For this we are going to explain where to check if you have one installed or not.

Where to see if I have profiles installed on the iPhone and iPad:

To check if you have a third-party profile installed, we must go to the following route: Settings / General / Profile.

If when accessing that route we do not see the option “Profile”It is because we do not have any installed. If it appears, it will appear so. We can see it under the option VPN. In our case it says “Profiles” because we have more than one installed.

Third-party profiles installed on the iPhoneThird-party profiles installed on the iPhone

Third-party profiles installed on the iPhone

The first thing you have to check is where it comes from. Is something VERY IMPORTANT. For example, it could be that you have a company mobile and that some profile that you need to work is installed. We say this to make you aware that not all profiles are bad. Some are very necessary to be able to use some apps or for the device itself.

For example, when testing many apps in BETA, we have to install profiles generated by the developers of the applications, to be able to use them before they are launched in the App Store. It is essential to install these profiles to be able to use them.

If you have a profile installed and, after your checks, you did not know you had it or do not remember when or because you installed it, it is better that you delete it. They can be a source of malfunction of the iPhone and iPad and, also, a source of private information for the company or person who created it.

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To eliminate it, simply access it and click on the option «Delete profile».

Delete profileDelete profile

Delete profile

In this way we will eliminate a third-party profile that we did not know we had and, above all, improve our privacy in the system.



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