How to know if the AirPods are original or if they are fake

How to know if the AirPods are original or if they are fake

We show you the way to know if AirPods are original or if, on the contrary, they have sold us a product that is an imitation.

So you can check if your AirPods are original

Today we are going to teach you to find out if AirPods They are original or if they are false. A good way to know that they have sold us, in case they have not done it in a Apple Store.

The AirPods They are one of those best selling headphones on the planet. And it is that they have become a perfect complement and also, they are comfortable and most importantly, they are disguised. That is, we wear headphones and it is as if we do not notice anything, nor do we see cables in between or anything like that.

In this case, being a product that has been sold so much, it is normal for imitators to come out. That is why many people have been surprised to see that their AirPods they are not original. We are going to teach you to see if they are original or not.

How to know if the AirPods are original:

The truth is that it is very simple. To do this, we must make use of the serial number of the headphones. We will find this number in the box in which they came or if we do not have it, in the cargo box of the same.

To find the serial number on the case, just open it and right on the inside, in the holes of the headphones (from the top), we will see this number …

Airpods PRO serial number

Check the serial number inside the case

We can also do it once we have them synchronized, but since what we want to know is the serial number at the same time, it is best to follow these steps.

Once we have the serial number, we go to the website of Manzana, to the section of warranty coverage. If it is true that this website is only to check the product warranty, but it also helps us to see if that code is in its database.

AirPods are original 2

Put the serial number on the Apple website

So we enter the serial number and if the information about the product appears to us, it is because the AirPods are original. In the event that nothing appears, we will know for sure that those headphones are not original and they are hitting us.

Read the article that we link below if information appears about the serial number is from a product that has been replaced.

The LED colors of the Airpods case also give away whether they are original or fake:

Another way to detect if you have headphones Manzana false is with the colors emitted by the status light of the AirPods case. In the article that we link we explain how to know it.

Therefore, if you have any doubts about what they have sold you or simply want to be sure, we recommend that you follow the steps that we have shown you and get rid of doubts.



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