How to know if an iPad or iPhone is stolen. Check it out by doing this

What to do before selling an iPhone or iPad.  Steps to follow

We are going to teach you to know if a iPhone it is stolen or it is not from the person selling it. This is something VERY IMPORTANT already take into account, before buying one of these devices Manzana in the second hand market.

Learn how to detect if an iPad or iPhone is stolen before buying it

Nowadays and due to the sale and purchase websites that exist on the net, it is normal that many times we think of buying a second hand iPhone and it is also very normal that we distrust when buying one in this way.

How many iPhone will have been sold and upon receipt, the buyer verifies that it is blocked by its owner? Sure many. How many of us cannot access it since we do not have the user codes to do so? Surely many others. You have to be very careful with this. It is very important to buy a iPhone It is “clean” and configurable from scratch. For this we have already given here the notions of How to set up iPhone before selling or disposing of it.

For that reason we are going to explain what you have to take into account so that they do not sell you a iPhone Stolen or that have been found on the street or elsewhere.

How to know if an iPhone is stolen or not from the person who sells it:

For this, the checks must be done physically. It is not worth making them remotely, although if the seller is the true owner, they could make them and send them to you, although, personally, in this type of purchase I prefer to do them in person.

At iPhone you want to buy and do the following:

  • Turn on the device and slide the unlock button to obviously unlock it.
  • If a lock screen with a code appears, it means that the content of the device has not been erased. Ask whoever wants to sell it to you to delete its content by following the steps that we tell you in this tutorial.
  • Once you do, start configuring the device.
  • If he asks you Apple ID and the password of the previous owner, it is because the device is still linked to your account. Ask him to enter his password. If the owner is not present, you can remove the device from your account by signing in to iCloud.

VERY IMPORTANT: Don’t buy a used iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch until its content has been deleted and it has been removed from the previous owner’s account.

If the person who wants to sell it to you cannot perform the steps we have discussed, be suspicious. He iPhone it could have been stolen or found somewhere.

That is why we recommend making this type of purchase, always, physically. It doesn’t have to be stolen all 2nd hand iPhone that are sold on the internet, but you know how the world is. There are more and more scams in this regard. Shopping On-line You can do them as long as you know the seller or have good references from him.

Greetings and we hope we have helped you.


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