How to know how much Apple pays you for your devices

How to schedule a call with Apple technical support

We show you the way to see how much Apple pays you for your devices, when it comes to renewing them for newer ones than what you have.

 how much apple pays you

So you can know how much Apple pays you for your devices

Today we are going to teach you know how much Apple pays you for your devices. A good way to know if you can reduce the cost of an iPhone or an iPad, if you are thinking of changing it for a new one.

Surely on more than one occasion your head has come to change your old iPhone for another. But the price of this slows you down and you decide to put up with it. One solution is to sell it yourself and get a little more money than what they can give you at an Apple store.

But nevertheless this last option is the simplest and fastest, and we will surely burn it with head warming up. So if you are thinking of doing it, we are going to show you how to find out how much Apple is going to give you for that device you have.

How to know how much Apple pays you for your devices

The process is very simple, we just have to install the Apple Store app on our iPhone. Having it installed and with our Apple ID entered, we access it.

We will see that the entire Apple store appears and where we can buy everything we want from the Cupertino company. But this is not what we want to know now, so click on the icon of our profile that appears in the upper right.

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Once we have accessed our profile, we must click on the tab <>. To see all that we have with our same ID.

how much Apple pays you 1how much Apple pays you 1

Click on the devices tab

Now we select the device we want to replace, in this case we are going to do it with the iPhone, so we click on our iPhone. In doing so, all the information about it will appear and just below, it indicates the maximum that Apple can give us for it.

how much Apple 2 pays youhow much does Apple 2 pay you

See the renewal value

If we want to have more details, we can click on the tab <> and ready.


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