How to Invite People to an Amazon Wish List

How to Invite People to an Amazon Wish List

We show you how to invite people to an Amazon wish list, so they can view and share items on the list.

 a wish list

How you can invite people to an Amazon wish list

Today we are going to teach you invite people to an Amazon wish list. Ideal to create a group for a birthday or to ask for gifts for Christmas …

Amazon It has become one of the trusted supermarkets of many people. And thanks to the service they offer, both in terms of logistics and customer service, it is a benchmark when buying any item online. So much so, that from its app, we have hundreds of options to make shopping easier.

In this case, we are going to talk about how to invite a person to one of those lists that we have created.

How to Invite People to an Amazon Wish List

The truth is that this process is very simple, but we are going to make it even much simpler, so that in a few steps you can start your list.

First of all, we must create a list in case we don’t have it created. Once this is done, we go to that list we have and enter it.

It will be from here, from where we will be able to add new people. To do this, click on the icon that we see at the top with the name of <>

a wish list 1a wish list 1

Click on the Invite button

By clicking on this tab, a menu will appear in which they tell us if we want to invite that person to only see the list or so that they can also participate.

a wish list 2a wish list 2

We select the option that interests us the most

In this case, and as we usually tell you, it is best for each one to select the option that most interests them. We press the one we press, we have several options to make the other person see that we want to invite them. Through:

  • Copying the link
  • Adding email address
  • By text message
  • Share in an app

In this simple way, we can share our wish list with someone or create one for a specific event.


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