How to install the WatchOS 7 public beta without problem

How to install the WatchOS 7 public beta without problem

We show you how to install the WatchOS 7 public beta and thus start testing this new version before its launch.

This is how you can install the WatchOS 7 public beta

Today we are going to teach you install the WatchOS 7 public beta. A good way to test this new version before it is officially released.

The truth is that to date, never before had the WatchOS public beta, it had always been launched for developers and whoever installed it did so under their full responsibility. But this has changed with the arrival of the public beta, which we already talked about.

So if you are interested in installing this beta, we are going to explain you step by step how to do it, so that it is as easy as possible for you.

How to install the WatchOS 7 public beta

What we must do is first install an official profile to install the betas. We can activate this profile from the Apple website itself. Therefore, these are the steps to follow:

  • First we install the official profile from the Apple website, since we must have iOS 14 on the iPhone (we must install the beta too).
  • When we enter the web, we must log in with our Apple ID, to access the beta program.
  • Now we will be in Apple’s public beta program.
install WatchOS 7 public beta 1install the WatchOS 7 public beta 1

Section to download public betas

  • We select iOS first to be able to install iOS 14 and we follow the steps indicated below.
  • When we have iOS 14 installed, we must perform the same process, but this time we select WatchOS.
install the WatchOS 7 public beta 2install WatchOS 7 Public Beta 2

WatchOS 7 Public Beta

  • We follow the steps indicated on the same website and voila, the update to WatchOS 7 will appear.
  • We must enter the Apple Watch / General / Software Update app.

In this simple way, we can install WatchOs 7 on our Apple Watch and thus start using the new version before they officially launch it. In addition, we will also test iOS 14, since to have one, we need the other.

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