In iOS and iPadOS 14 you can configure default apps

How to Install iOS 14 on iPhone Correctly and Smoothly

We show you how to install iOS 14 on the iPhone, as well as iPadOS 14 without any problems and do it the right way.

install iOS 14

This is what we must do before installing iOS 14

Today we are going to teach you install iOS 14 on iPhone correctly. A great way to do it and not make any mistakes when doing it.

Surely on more than one occasion, we have made updates to the device, from the iPhone itself and that’s it. This is fine if we do it when a patch is released in a version, but when we are going to make the jump from one version to a new one, it is advisable to do it in another way.

So in APPerlas we are going to show you how to update the iPhone and not drag any errors when updating our device.

How to install iOS 14 on iPhone correctly

The process that we are going to discuss next, is used both to install iOS 14 and to install iPad OS 14. So don’t miss anything, because it is essential to follow these steps.

The first thing we must do before anything else, is to make a complete restoration of our device. Something essential, since with this we will eliminate any problem or error that we have hidden in our device at the root. So we will leave the iPhone or iPad as it is, we take it out of the box.

It’s important to knowBefore performing a restoration, it is highly recommended to also make a backup copy. Don’t worry because we are going to leave you all the steps to follow below, so you don’t have any loss. We recommend making this copy, so that we do not get any scare when deleting all the data. But in our case, when we perform a restoration, we always install everything from scratch, thus avoiding dragging problems from the previous version.

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After the backup and restoration, it is time to install iOS 14. A process that Apple will guide us through and which is very simple. Therefore, and to make it clear, the steps to follow are the following:

install iOS 14 2install iOS 14 2

IOS 14 example

These are the steps we must follow and we can verify that our device works perfectly again. A good way to enjoy this new iOS, which is sure to do wonders.

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