How to improve the sound on your Android phone

How to improve the sound on your Android phone

Despite an increasing number of people turning to smartphones to listen to music these days, the vast majority of Android phones still lack powerful speakers capable of delivering great sound. As a user, there are some things you can do to make sure your handset gets improved sound quality and volume. Here are some of the ways you can improve the sound quality of your Android phone.

1. Be aware of the location of your phone’s speakers

Depending on your phone model, the location of the speakers may differ significantly. A lot of handsets have the speakers at the bottom, but there are some androids with front speakers, while others have theirs on the back of the phone near the bottom.

How to improve the sound placement of Android speakers

Knowing where your handset speakers are located is important, so carefully inspect your phone until you can locate their position. Once you locate it, position the phone so that it does not obstruct the grilles so that the sound can flow freely and at its best possible quality.

Besides, it would also be a good idea to remove any protective case before playing your music. This would ensure that the sound coming out of the phone is not blocked.

2. Thoroughly clean the speakers

Another method of avoiding poor sound quality is cleaning your phone speakers. The most effective is to use compressed air to blow dust particles out of the grilles. As a cheaper alternative, you can use an old toothbrush to remove any stains that may have crept inside the small holes.

Cleaning of the enclosures should be carried out regularly to ensure that they are kept in top condition.

3. Explore your phone’s audio settings in more detail

Depending on your phone, your manufacturer may have built in some additional audio control features.

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For example, on the Samsung Galaxy S9 +, a few advanced sound options have been included. Users can access it by going to “Settings -> Sound and vibration -> Advanced -> Sound quality and effects”. Here you will find an Equalizef feature with several presets as well as the possibility to create a custom one.

How To Improve Android Sound Settings Samsung Galaxy S9How To Improve Android Sound Settings Samsung Galaxy S9

Additionally, some phones have a Dolby Atmos feature that can be turned on and off.

Keep in mind that these options may be missing on other devices offered by different manufacturers.

4. Get a Volume Booster app for your phone

Still not satisfied with the power of your phone? You can install a volume increase app from the Google Play Store.

One of them is Super Volume Booster. It is a simple yet effective application that delivers tangible results. It is free to download and use, but you will have to pay a fee to remove the ads that appear here and there.

How to improve the sound of Super Volume Booster Android appHow to improve the sound of Super Volume Booster Android app

One thing to keep in mind is that prolonged use of apps of this type can have a harmful effect on your speakers, so it is recommended that you use this method sparingly, if at all.

5. Upgrade to a better music player app with built-in equalizer

Are you using your phone’s default music player when streaming your playlist? If the answer is yes, you should look for a better music app, especially one with a built-in EQ function.

Power amplifier, for example, comes with its own built-in equalizer and offers enough sound enhancing features. There are many other features in the app, including playback options like gapless playback or crossfade. It also brings widgets, tag editing, and lots of other customization options.

How to improve the sound of Poweramp Android appHow to improve the sound of Poweramp Android app

You can also install a standalone equalizer app. For example, Music volume equalizer offers a five-band music equalizer and nine EQ presets to choose from, as well as a bassbooster effect. The developers promise that the app should work well with most audio players, so it’s worth a try.

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6. Play with the settings of your music streaming app

If you are not the type to store your music library on your phone, there is a way to improve the sound with your music streaming app.

Note: We use Spotify for music streaming, but similar settings should be available in alternative apps like Apple Music or YouTube Music Premium.

In Spotify, just go to Settings and scroll down until you find the “Volume Level” option. From there you can increase the sound from Normal to Loud. Keep scrolling until you reach the Equalizer option (under Music Quality). Enable the option, as it is disabled by default, and start playing with the sliders to create the configuration that you think is best. You can also choose from one of the presets.

How to improve Spotify Sound Android audio settingsHow To Improve Spotify Sound Android Audio Settings

In the same section, you can also change the streaming quality, which is set to Automatic. Music streaming apps like Spotify typically stream audio at the lowest quality to protect users with smaller data plans. However, you have the option of setting the streaming quality to Normal, High, or Very high. Just make sure your smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi before attempting to change these settings.

7. Plug in a pair of headphones

How to improve the sound of Android headphones on the earHow to improve the sound of Android headphones on the ear

A simple and convenient way to increase the sound of your phone is to plug in your headphones. Headphones will do wonders for boosting the sound of your device, which speakers alone will not be able to achieve, even with the additional equalizer and volume boosting apps installed.

8. Use a bluetooth speaker

If you don’t feel like wearing headphones, connecting your phone to a Bluetooth speaker is the best thing to amplify the audio capabilities of your smartphone.

How To Improve Android Sound Google Smart SpeakerHow To Improve Android Sound Google Smart Speaker

Here is a list of some of the best smart speakers on the market right now in case you want to pick one up yourself.

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Now that you know how to increase the sound on your Android, you might also like to learn how to get new music to your device, in which case we recommend that you read our list of the best free music download apps for Android.


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