How to hide your online status in Parcheesi Star for iOS

How to hide your online status in Parcheesi Star for iOS

We show you the way to hide your online status in Parcheesi Star, both for your iPhone and for your iPad, so that nobody can see you online.

online in Parcheesi

So you can hide whether or not you are online in Parcheesi

Today we are going to teach you hide online status in Parcheesi Star. A great way to prevent other users from knowing if we have connected or not connected.

Surely if you are a player in this addictive game, you will have been able to verify that every time you connect, one of your friends challenges you. This happens, because it appears to them that you have connected or entered the game. That is why, there will always be someone who sends us a request to play.

Well, in APPerlas we are going to avoid this option. To do this, we will hide our online status, in a really simple way.

How to hide your online status in Parcheesi Star

What we must do is enter the game and go directly to its settings. To do this, being in the lobby, we must click on the gear icon that appears at the top right.

online in Parcheesi 1online in Parcheesi 1

Go to the app settings

Once we click on this icon, we will see that a pop-up menu appears in which we see various options that we can activate or deactivate. One of those options that we can activate or deactivate is that of our online status. Therefore, in this case we must check this box …

Activate option to hide status

When we do, our status will automatically be hidden and no one will know if we are connected or not. In this way, we will prevent them from sending us game requests or knowing if we are playing, if we are in the lobby …

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So if you are playing this game, you may be interested in knowing these kinds of details that we always tell you in APPerlas.


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