How to hide the WhatsApp profile photo from the contact you want

How to hide the WhatsApp profile photo from the contact you want

We show you the way to hide the WhatsApp profile photo from the contact that you want and that you have saved in the agenda.

hide photo

This is how you can hide your WhatsApp profile photo

Today we are going to teach you hide WhatsApp profile picture who we want. A great way to hide your photo, without having to block anyone.

Surely on more than one occasion you have wanted to hide your photo from someone in particular and have not found a way to do it. And it is impossible to make a selection of people from whom you want to hide the photo and who not. That is why we must find ways to do it and that is what we are going to do today.

In APPerlas we are going to show you how to do it and not show our profile picture to everyone we want.

How to hide the WhatsApp profile photo from the contact we want, the definitive way

The process is very simple and you will be able to see how in a matter of seconds, we have it completed. What we must do is go to our agenda.

Once here, we look for the contact from whom we want to hide our profile picture. When we have it, we must modify its number, since we are going to add a prefix to that number. This prefix will be the same one that we have used from time to time to call with a hidden number.

Therefore, just before the number, we must put the prefix # 31 #, as simple as that…

hide photo 1hide photo 1

Add prefix

When we have it on, we save the contact again and that’s it. Our photo will no longer appear to that person and we have not had to block it or do anything weird. By simply adding an alphanumeric sequence, we have achieved it in a matter of seconds.

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But also, to make it much easier for you to follow these steps, we are going to leave you a video in which we explain everything step by step …

Video in which we explain everything that appears in the article


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