How to hide the Safari toolbar on iPhone

How to hide the Safari toolbar on iPhone

We show you how to hide the Safari toolbar on our iPhone, to be able to navigate in full screen.

Safari toolbar

This is how you can hide the Safari toolbar

Today we are going to teach you hide Safari toolbar. A great way to be able to navigate full screen and that those boots do not appear at the top or bottom.

When we browse through Safari, it is possible that the screen is small, especially if our screen is not one of the largest. It is true that once we start browsing, the screen enlarges if we slide down. This can be good for us, but we know that these menus will always appear.

Well, in APPerlas we are going to show you how to hide them from the beginning and that they do not appear at any time, only when we want.

Hide the Safari toolbar

The process is very simple, we just have to go to the native iOS browser. Once here, we have to focus on that icon that appears in the part of the search engine that we have above.

Safari 1 toolbartoolbar by Safari 1

Click on the icon that appears in the search engine

We click on this icon and the menu appears in which we have the options and settings that we can select. But in this case, we are interested in the tab <>.

Safari 2 toolbarbar Safari Toolkit 2

Click on the marked tab

When clicking on this tab, we will see that the bottom bar disappears and the top one becomes smaller. In this way we can navigate the web in full screen and to make the bars appear again, we just have to click on the top bar.

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So if you want to browse a website full screen, which is very useful to read an article, for example, the process we must follow is the one we have indicated.


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