How to hide songs on Spotify from iPhone or iPad

How to hide songs on Spotify from iPhone or iPad

We show you the way to hide songs on Spotify both on the iPhone and iPad, whether they are in a list or wherever they are.

hide songs on Spotify

How to hide songs on Spotify

Today we are going to teach you hide songs on spotify. A great way to avoid songs that are in a list already created and that we do not want to hear.

Spotify is the leading streaming music platform. Although as we have already commented on multiple occasions, Apple music it tracks him very closely. That is why both are continually improving and as a consequence, positive, we have two excellent music apps.

But today we focus on Spotify and one of those functions that go unnoticed, but that can really come in handy. We talk about how to hide songs.

How to hide songs on Spotify

To do this, we go to a list that is already created. Obviously we are not going to a list created by us, because instead of hiding, we could eliminate it in the event that we no longer want to listen to that song anymore.

So, being on the list that we have looked for, let’s say to the song and click on the icon that appears on the right side with the three dots.

When doing so, the menu will be displayed in which we can add the song to a list, to the queue … But it will also give us the possibility of being able to hide that song. So that will be the option that we are going to select.

hide songs on Spotify 1hide songs on Spotify 1

Click on the hide tab

Now the song will appear in dark shading and with the prohibited icon on the right. This indicates that it is hidden and therefore will not reproduce.

Prohibited icon, indicating that it is hidden

To ring againWe must follow the same steps, but this time, the prohibited icon will appear in the menu. It will be this that we must press so that the song appears again in the list.

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