How to hide Instagram likes on your account

How to hide Instagram likes on your account

We show you the way to hide Instagram likes in any of your publications or in those that only you choose.

So you can hide Instagram likes

Today we are going to teach you hide Instagram likes. A great way to end that “nervousness” to see how many likes we have in our publications.

For quite some time, it has been rumored that Instagram was planning to remove the likes. And it is that today, the platform is one of the things that least takes into account to reach your publications. The algorithm of Instagram is changing and right now, the likes do not interest you.

That is why, it gives us the possibility of being able to remove them. We will be able to choose in each publication if we want it to have likes or not.

How to hide Instagram likes

What we must do is make a publication as we always do. Before publishing it, we will arrive at the section in which we can create a caption, decide if we want to publish at the same time on Facebook …

Also, if we look closely, we have a tab at the bottom with the name of “Advanced configuration”. Click on this …

hide likes 1

Click on advanced settings

By doing so, more settings will appear that we can select for our publication. Among these settings, we find one that is the one that interests us and which we are talking about in this article. We must activate the tab “Hide likes and plays counts on this post”.

hide likes 2

Activate the first tab

Activating this, we will already have the likes deactivated and therefore, the total number of ‘likes’ that said publication will not appear below the photo.

In this way, we end the problem that many people had when they saw that their publications did not have the likes that they considered.


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