How to Hide App Pages from Home Screen on iPhone or iPad – iOS

How to Hide App Pages from Home Screen on iPhone or iPad – iOS

Apple has improved the ability to customize the home screen on your iPhone or iPad using iOS 14 or later. You can already arrange the App icon in folders to look neater and cleaner. To customize the home screen, you can hide the entire page with the new page hiding feature of the iPhone screen without deleting apps.

How to hide home screen pages

Follow the steps below to hide the home screen pages and use the App Library.

  1. Tap and hold on a blank portion of the screen on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap the pages at the bottom of the screen above the Dock when app icons start to fluctuate.
  3. Now you’re editing pages, where you see all the pages with the selection option to make them invisible from the screen. Here you remove the pages you want to hide like me, as you can see below.
  4. Simply tap anywhere on the blank area to return to the home screen, and then tap the blank area again to exit jiggle mode.
  5. Now swipe left to go to the right page. You will see that all the pages are hidden and the following is App Library where you can see all the apps in categories.
    iOS 14 app library iPhone

After you hide the pages, new app pages can be added when you install another app in the App Store. Follow these steps if you want to stop adding new pages and add the newly installed applications to the Apple library.


  1. Open the settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap the Home Screen option.
  3. Under the “NEW APP DOWNLOADS” section, tap on the “App Library Only” option.
    show new app in the app library onlyhome screen settings

After you complete the above steps, all the new apps you have downloaded from the App Store will be automatically placed in the App Library.

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How to access the applications if pages are hidden

Hiding the application pages on iPhone or iPad will not be visible, but you can access the applications from a new section called App Library or by using the old-fashioned Search and Siri. The new app library automatically organizes apps and sorts them into categories where access to apps is just one tap away.

The App Library page is the last page on the screen. If you continue to install apps on your iPhone or iPad, you will have many pages on your screen and as a result, the App Library page is not easy to access. So, to bring the App Library closer to the first page so you can easily reach it with minimum swipe.

How to open app pages

If you want to reset the application pages to the home screen, follow the same method above and look at the pages you want to display.

What do you think of the new feature to hide the app page and use the App Library instead? Do you prefer to use App Library or do you stick to the current way of using pages with folders? Leave a comment below.

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