How to have more colors on Instagram when writing

How to have more colors on Instagram when writing

We show you the way to have more colors on Instagram, when we want to write in a story for example, and we only see certain colors.

colors on Instagram

So you can have many more colors on Instagram

Today we are going to teach you have more colors on Instagram. Without a doubt, a great way to expand our color palette and have a wide range to choose from.

When we want to publish a story and also want to add text, we may see that the colors that appear to us are insufficient. That is why we are going to show you a trick, so that we have all the colors we want. In this way, our color palette will be practically endless.

So if you want to start standing out from the rest, keep reading because you will be interested in knowing this trick that we show you.

How to have more colors on Instagram

The process is very simple, we go to a story that we want to publish and then we select the color of the text we want.

It will be now when the magic and the trick that we want to teach you appears. To have more colors apart from those that appear here, we must hold down the color we want and you will see what happens …

colors on Instagram 1colors on Instagram 1

Hold down a color

Thus, our color palette becomes practically endless, as we have already mentioned before. Now you have many colors to choose from, but you can also use them as a background. So now you know, start discovering colors and stand out from the rest.

Without a doubt, one of those tricks that we are going to be able to implement in our day to day, since it is something that we surely use daily. A success on the part of Instagram, which although it does not say so, has provided us with a great tool to find colors that can be adapted to the needs of our publication.


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