How to greet new Telegram contacts quickly

How to greet new Telegram contacts quickly

We show you the way to greet new Telegram contacts with just one touch, more or less in the style of Facebook Messenger.

So you can greet new Telegram contacts with a tap

Today we are going to teach you greet new Telegram contacts. A great way to welcome you to this new platform.

Right now, if you are a user of Telegram For a long time, you will have been able to verify that every day new users who have made the leap to this platform appear. And it is that WhatsApp has pushed them to do so, and although it is most likely that they do not use it, it has aroused their curiosity.

Well, for all of them, we are going to show you a great way to greet them with just one touch and welcome them to this new platform, for them of course.

How to greet new Telegram contacts

The process is very simple, yes, you must have the app updated to the latest version. With this clear, we can get to work.

When we go to our chats and see that a new user appears in this list of chats, it is the ideal time to be able to perform this health. For it, click on the chat and we entered it. We will see that it appears to us in a big way and right in the center, a big sticker …

the new Telegram contacts 1los new Telegram contacts 1

Click on the sticker

We click on this sticker and we will automatically send this greeting to our new Telegram user. It is ideal to greet all those people, but of course, only with the ones we want, we do not necessarily have to greet everyone who joins this platform.

What is clear is that we can welcome new users, as we have commented, by just tapping the center of our screen.


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