How to get the Unity Challenge medal on Apple Watch

How to get the Unity Challenge medal on Apple Watch

We show you how to get the Unity Challenge medal that the Apple Watch gives us for completing a series of requirements.

How to get the Unity Challenge medal

Today we are going to teach you Get the Unity Challenge medal. A medal that celebrates Black history and as a commemoration, Apple gives us a medal.

Every year Apple surprises us during the months, with special challenges. In these challenges, which are all about movement, because we remember that it is the main objective of those in Cupertino, we need to meet a series of requirements. Once achieved, they give us a medal that is always unique and that can only be obtained at that time.

On this occasion, we are going to explain how to get this medal, which is the first in 2021.

How to get the Unity Challenge medal

As the notification that we have all surely received on our Apple Watch indicates, we must complete specific requirements for several days.

These requirements are clear and are very well explained in these notification that we are talking about. And it comes to say the following:

  • We celebrate Black History this month and that the rhythm does not stop throughout the year. To get started, complete the Movement ring seven days in a row during February and you will earn the Unity award.
Unit 1 challengeChallenge from unit 1

Explanation of the challenge

Once this is done, we will be awarded the corresponding medal and we will have it saved in our library of medals obtained. As we well know, there are some that are unique because they are of this style, and others that we can overcome as the days go by.

So if you are one of those people who like to collect this type of medals, without a doubt here you have a new challenge that you can start to achieve right now.


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