How to get a one-time use credit card number with the privacy app

How to get a one-time use credit card number with the privacy app

A little paranoia when it comes to subscribing to online services can go a long way: it’s healthy to perpetually be wary of the words “free trial” followed by a prompt for your credit card information. Times have changed because now there is a free app called Privacy that can provide you with a one-time use credit card number and rock-solid protection for all online transactions.

How can you use privacy to protect your financial information and how exactly does the app work? We have the answers to make you a true privacy expert in minutes!

How does confidentiality work?

Confidentiality the pitch is simple:

Link your bank account to your Privacy account, then create virtual cards that you can use to sign up for services and make purchases online. You don’t directly use your credit or debit cards to buy anything; instead, Privacy Virtual Cards work as an intermediary between your money and a transaction.

The virtual cards you create with Privacy are fully customizable. You can set specific limits for what they can be billed for and how often they can be billed, as well as easily close all cards at any time. If a card with a limit is debited by an amount greater than its limit, the transaction will simply be declined. It is also easy to generate a one-time use credit card number that will automatically close after being used.

An optional browser extension for privacy automatically creates and fills in card numbers for you at checkout so you never have to remember a temporary virtual card number or go out of your way to log into the site and create a new one. menu. Privacy also offers a Pro version of their service which allows you to create more virtual cards than the free version and also get 1% cash back on virtual card purchases.

How to use privacy

To get started, go to the privacy site, create an account, and link your bank account. Once your basic housekeeping is done, you’ll be taken to your privacy dashboard where you can get started.

Privacy Home

Once you are on the dashboard, click on the “New Card” field next to “Cards” in the middle left of your screen. From there, it will only take one click to generate a new map.

New privacy cardNew privacy card

You may want to consider giving your virtual card a nickname related to its purpose to keep things organized. From the “New Card” screen, you can also quickly set a spending limit for your virtual card. Once your card is created, it’s ready to use. Simply enter the relevant card information during payment, and your new virtual card will be charged.

If you want to download privacy to your phone, there are both ios and Android versions available for download. Additionally, Google Chrome Privacy Browser Extension can be installed with just one click.

Fortunately, if you experience credit or debit card fraud, all is not lost. There are several things you can do to lessen the damage. We have the definitive guide on what to do in case of fraud.


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