How to free up space on WhatsApp [NUEVA FUNCIÓN]

How to free up space on WhatsApp [NUEVA FUNCIÓN]

Soon we will all have an option that will allow us free up space on WhatsApp much more simply and selectively. We tell you everything about this new feature of the most used messaging app on the planet.

Option to free up space on WhatsApp

At last WhatsApp has implemented one of the most demanded functions by all. The ability to clean the app more easily, efficiently and effectively. That is what the news is about, which, in the coming days, we will all have activated.

We are enjoying it in the phase BETA And that means that in the following updates of the application, it will be progressively implemented to all users. That is why do not be impatient and be patient because this new function will sooner or later reach the whole world.

WhatsApp It is improving a lot in recent years but it is still far from its immediate competitor, Telegram. It must still improve and add many functions available in the “paper plane” app, to be the best messaging application in the world. App Store. Incorporating functions like the one that we are going to discuss below, brings it closer to what, today, is the best message app in the world.

How to free up space on WhatsApp in a simple and selective way:

The new function will be available in the app’s settings, under the option “Storage and data ” and then clicking on “Manage storage”. Upon entering it we will find this new interface.

Storage management in WhatsApp

Storage management in WhatsApp

In it we can see what the files of WhatsApp of the total storage of our device. We, as you can see, have 165 mb occupied by them.

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At the bottom we see the files that occupy the most and those that we have used the most. By accessing them, we can download, edit and, of course, selectively delete them or all at once. We will do this by clicking on the option “To select”.

Below we see, in order of storage, the chats that occupy the most space in the app.

Chats that occupy the most in WhatsApp

Chats that occupy the most on WhatsApp

Entering each of them we access all the multimedia files that are in them, ordered from heaviest to least, and it allows us to select the ones we want to erase or, directly, eliminate them all at once. For them you have to click on the option “To select” that appears at the top right of the screen.

Free up space in WhatsApp by deleting videos and photos

Free up space on WhatsApp by selectively deleting videos and photos

By clicking on any video, photo, meme … we can edit, save, mark them as favorites … and delete them.

A great function that will make the app much “cleaner” because, as we all know, WhatsApp It is one of the applications that generates the most “garbage” and that occupies the most space on our entire device.


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