How to free up space on Telegram and iPhone by activating this function

How to free up space on Telegram and iPhone by activating this function

We show you the way to free up space on Telegram and, obviously, on the iPhone, activating a function that comes in said app.

free up space on Telegram

So you can free up space on Telegram and especially on your iPhone or iPad

Today we are going to teach you free up space on telegram and on the iPhone. A great way to remove those junk files that occupy a space on our device.

If there is an app that has grown a lot in recent months, that has been Telegram. And it has become an almost perfect instant messaging app, and we say almost because it can always be improved. Today, it is far above WhatsApp and offers us really important functions.

One of those functions is the one we are talking about today. And it is that by activating a function that is hidden, we are going to manage to free up space on our devices.

How to free up space on Telegram by activating this function

What we should do is go to the app messaging that we are talking about. Once here, we go to settings of it, since we are going to configure an important aspect of the app.

Therefore, from the settings, click on the tab <>. Inside we will see that at the top, another tab related to storage appears, which we must press. Therefore, we press on <>.

And inside, we will find the function that we are talking about in this article. It appears right at the top and it is a bar where we can select a time interval. This time interval is used to determine the time that we will have downloaded the multimedia files on our device.

From settings and in storage, select time interval

So we only have to select how often we want the files to be deleted from our device or we can also select that they are never deleted. This is up to everyone and they should do it according to their space on the device or the frequency with which they receive multimedia files.

It is important to know that even if the media files are deleted from the device, they will still be stored in the cloud (from Telegram) and we will be able to access them whenever we want.

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