How to FREE UP SPACE on iPhone by deleting cache and app data

How to FREE UP SPACE on iPhone by deleting cache and app data

We are going to teach you to free up space on iPhone and iPad. If you have few megabytes on your device, we will tell you how to free up storage space in the apps most used by everyone.

How to free up space on iPhone and iPad

If you have a iPhone or iPad with few Gb Surely you have found yourself in the position of not being able to take more photos or download an app due to the little storage space available on your device. Today you are in luck because we share with you one of our tutorials for iPhone more interesting.

Normally, photos and videos are what consume the most megabytes. This means that we must make backup copies of them and erase them from our device to free up space.

If you own a version of iOS prior to the latest version available, it is sure that the latter iOS you have it downloaded without your knowing it and you can increase megs of storage by removing that version.

There are many ways to free up space but few know that within the applications most used by all of us, we have options that allow us to free up storage space. Here’s how to do it.

To know what each app on the device occupies, go to Settings / General / Storage on iPhone.

How to free up space on iPhone from apps:

Next we will talk about how to increase the storage space available on your devices, in the applications that we all use the most in our day to day life. If there is one that you use a lot and it is not in the following list, we recommend that you investigate its settings to find the option that allows you to free cache, if there is one.

Free up space on WhatsApp:

Before doing what we comment on below, it is convenient to review all the photos and videos that you want to save as they will be lost. In the following video we show you how to proceed to free up space in WhatsApp:

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Clear Spotify cache:

You enter the app and from the bottom menu “Start”, click on the gear that appears in the upper right. Within the configuration menu we click on the option Storage and then we press the button “Clear cache”.

If you have downloaded music you can delete it too, to get more free storage.

Telegram allows you to delete cache:

Within the application we access Settings / Data and storage / Storage usage and we select “Clear Telegram cache”. As in WhatsApp, you can delete chats to free up even more space.

It also has some options that allow you to manage multimedia content and cache size in Telegram. This is ideal to prevent storage consumption in the app from skyrocketing.

On Snapchat you can free up a lot of space on your iPhone:

Click on the upper left image where our profile image or our last image appears snap uploaded. Within the menu that appears, click on the gear wheel and select the option “Clear cache” (it’s near the end).

You can also increase space, eliminating conversations and search history. If you want to free up even more storage, go to your stories section (below the record button) and in “ALL”, delete the snaps and stories you want.

Delete downloads on Netflix to free up space on iPhone:

Click on the menu “Downloads” that appears at the bottom of the screen From there we can delete those that we have already seen or that we do not want to have hosted on our device. Swipe to the left the series, movie, documentary … that you want to delete.

If you want to delete all the downloads at once, click on your profile image, at the top right of the screen. Then choose the option “Application settings” and click on “Delete all downloads”.

Delete the maps and data that you accumulate in Google Maps:

Access the menu by clicking on your profile, which appears in the upper right part of the screen. Once the menu appears, click on the option «Settings» and we go down to «Information, terms and privacy». There we click on “Clear application data”.

If you have Youtube Premium, delete downloaded videos:

If you are users of Youtube Premium You can free up space by deleting videos that you have downloaded. To do this, access your profile by clicking on its image. Then enter the settings option and after that, look for “Delete downloads”. If you have a lot of videos, you will surely free up a lot of storage space.

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Delete the photos and videos that you have deleted from the camera roll:

When you delete photos or video from your roll, you do not delete them completely since they go to an album called “Removed”. In it we have them available for 30 days in case we regret having deleted one. From there we have the possibility of recovering them.

Well, deleting all those images and videos will free up a lot of space. To do this, access the reel of your device and from the menu “Albums”, which appears at the bottom of the screen, scrolls all the way to the bottom. There you will find the album “Eliminated”. Once inside him, clicking on “To select”, the option will appear “Delete all”, at the bottom left of the screen.

Free up space on iPhone by deleting songs from Apple Music:

Enter the device settings and follow the following path Settings / Music / Downloaded Music. From there we can delete downloads, sliding to the left the one we want to delete to increase our free space on the iPhone Y iPad.

Clear the cache and saved data in Safari:

Accessing the settings of your iPhone or iPad and go to Settings / Safari. Once in the configuration, click on the option “Clear history and website data” which will appear in blue.

Delete Podcast from the native iOS app:

If you use the native app Podcast, enter it and clicking on the menu “Library” and then in the option «Downloaded» we can delete the ones we want to delete.

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TikTok deletes the cache generated on your profile:

By clicking on your profile option, the button that appears to the right in the lower menu, and then clicking on the 3 dots that appear in the upper right part of the screen, you will access the app settings. From there, by clicking on the option “Delete Cache” we will free up all the space you show us.

Free up storage space in Chrome:

By clicking on the three points that appear on the screen. Then we access Settings / Privacy / Clear browsing data. There we press on “Clear browsing data” that appears in red, to free up all the space consumed by the app.

To free up space on iPhone, uninstall apps like Instagram, Facebook …:

Apps like Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Facebook… Do not have options to free up storage.

To reduce the space they occupy in our terminals, it is best to uninstall and reinstall them. In this way we will erase browsing data, cache, histories … that have accumulated throughout the time of use.

This method is somewhat rudimentary, but it is the only thing we can do to reduce the “weight” of these applications.

Without further ado, we hope that this tutorial has come to you and now you have more Gb available in your iPhone Y iPad.


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