How to free up memory in the Amazon app on iPhone or iPad

How to free up memory in the Amazon app on iPhone or iPad

We show you the way to free up memory in the Amazon app that we have installed on both the iPhone and the iPad.

memory in the Amazon app

So you can free memory in the Amazon app

Today we are going to teach you free memory in the Amazon app. A good way to be able to free up some space on our device, eliminating the already known cache memory.

Surely throughout the day we enter the app more than once Amazon. And here we find products of all kinds and we can buy anything. This means that we store a lot of data in this app and, therefore, its memory is increasing.

Well, in APPerlas We are going to show you how to eliminate this memory and thus free up space on our device.

How to free up memory in the Amazon app

What we must do is go to the app and go directly to the menu that we have on the button with the three horizontal lines. This menu is at the bottom right.

When entering this menu, we go to the tab of <>. A new menu with more tabs will be displayed, where we will see one with the name of <>.

From the configuration we access the memory of the app

A pop-up menu will appear at the bottom, which indicates the memory that the app is using and just below a tab that will allow us to eliminate this storage. Therefore, we click on it and we will automatically delete all the memory that is stored in the app.

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And in this way we will also free up space on the iPhone or iPad, depending on where we have the app installed and where we have more or less used it.


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