How to fix Instagram record in collection isn’t working (and other tips)

Instagram allows you to save posts so you can easily reference them later. It’s a feature that I use all the time. Saving messages is useful in many situations. Even better, Instagram allows you to carefully classify your posts saved in collections. Some Instagram users, however, miss the benefits of this feature, as it sometimes works poorly on their device. We’ll cover some common Instagram collection issues in this article and show you how to fix them.

This message will highlight some troubleshooting solutions to fix your Instagram app when the Save button doesn’t work or crashes the app. In addition, if some of your saved messages are missing from your collection, we have listed three (3) ways to restore them below. Read on.

Save to Collection button does not work

Saving a post on Instagram is easy. Tap or long press the bookmark icon in the lower right corner of any message, on mobile or PC. After that, the message will be saved to a private section of your profile or collection (if you have created one).

Instagram Save / Bookmark Icon

In some cases, you may not be able to save posts to your collection because the bookmark / save icon is not working or responding. I have experienced it several times. Some users have even reported that the Instagram app sometimes freezes whenever they try to save a post or when they long press the “ Save to collection ” button. If you ever find yourself facing the same problems with your GI, here’s how to fix it.

Close and relaunch Instagram

Simply closing the Instagram app on your device (Android or iOS) can make the Save button work again. It worked for me, and some users have also found this to be an effective solution to the problem. Relaunch the application and you should now be able to save the messages.

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Restart the phone

If closing Instagram doesn’t fix the problem, try restarting your phone. This should help update the app, keep it running normally, and fix any issues that cause the Instagram app to malfunction.

Clear cache (for Android)

Deleting cache data from the Instagram app can also correct the app’s malfunction. This will delete any old or corrupted data / files responsible for the Instagram app’s inability to save posts to collections. It will also improve application performance and save storage space on your Andriod device.

To clear the Instagram app cache, launch the Android Settings menu and navigate to Apps & Notifications> App Information> Instagram> Storage & Cache and press the Clear Cache button.

Launch Instagram after clearing the cache and check if you can now save the posts.

IOS users can try a clean reinstall of the Instagram app.

Update Instagram

Recorded messages do not load / disappear

This is another common problem that many Instagram users have reported. When there are too many posts saved in a collection on Instagram, older (previously saved) posts in the collection are sometimes missing. If that describes your current situation, read the fixes below to retrieve your posts saved in your Instagram collection.

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Update Instagram

Are you using the latest version of the Instagram app on your smartphone? If not, update the app from your phone’s App Store and missing saved messages should reappear in your collections.

Check Instagram Web

If you still can’t find the messages saved in your collection after updating your mobile app, you need to sign in to your Instagram account on PC. The web version of Instagram is mostly bug-free and you should see all of the items saved in your collections.

To check the posts posted on the Instagram web, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Visit Instagram on your browser, enter your account credentials, and tap Sign In.

2nd step: Then tap the profile icon in the upper right corner of the home page.

Step 3: Go to the Saved section of your profile.

You should see all of the saved posts associated with your Instagram account.

Note: Recorded posts are (currently) not grouped in collections on the web version of Instagram.

Delete newly recorded messages

Instagram does not delete your saved messages without your consent. However, saving more posts to your collections can sometimes hide older posts in that collection. Instagram does not officially say if there is a limit to the number of posts that can be saved (in a collection). However, some users have reported that saving new messages hides older messages in their collection. Interestingly, deleting the newly recorded message restored the missing messages.

If the message you are looking for is absolutely important, you can delete the other less important messages that you recently saved and the missing messages should reappear in your collection. Here’s how to delete an Instagram post on Android and iOS devices.

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Step 1: Tap the profile icon in the lower right corner of the Instagram app.

Instagram for Android

Instagram for iOS

2nd step: Tap the hamburger menu icon in the upper-right corner of the profile page.

Instagram for Android

Instagram for iOS

Step 3: Select Saved.

Instagram for Android

Instagram for iOS

Step 4: Tap the collection whose publication you want to delete / cancel.

Instagram for Android

Instagram for iOS

Step 5: Now tap on the collection menu icon in the upper right corner.

Instagram for Android

Instagram for iOS

Step 6: Press the “Select …” option.

Instagram for Android

Instagram for iOS

Step 7: Choose the images you want to cancel / delete from the collection and press the Delete button.

Instagram for Android

Instagram for iOS

When you delete / deregister recent entries in collections, check if the message you are looking for has reappeared in the collection. If not, delete more messages and continue to verify that the missing messages have been restored.


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