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How to fix Google Duo doesn’t work on Android and iOS

by David
How to fix Google Duo doesn't work on Android and iOS

Google Duo helps people connect with friends and family. The COVID-19 situation has forced millions of people inside, and Duo is coming to our rescue. To keep up with the growing demand for group video calls, Google has updated Duo to support up to 12 participants of 8 people in a group video call. It’s great, but what if Google Duo suddenly stops working on your Android or iPhone?

This guide will help you solve various common problems that prevent Google Duo from working on your phones. Whether you can’t launch the app, connect calls, or experience video / audio call quality issues, our recommended solutions should help you fix the app.

Let’s start.

1. Problems connecting to Google Duo

These are some of the most basic steps that need to be checked. You should start with your Wi-Fi connection and also try to cross-check mobile data, just in case. You can also try to connect to other Wi-Fi networks if available, or even use another smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

If Wi-Fi is connected and working, you need to test its speed and available bandwidth. You can use an app like Fast or Speedtest to check. Videoconference calls, depending on the number of participants, can consume a lot of bandwidth and generally require a stable broadband Internet connection.

2. Data recording mode

If bandwidth or speed continues to be an issue, you can try the data logging mode in the Duo app. Tap the three-dot menu to open Settings and tap Call settings.

Activate data recording mode and try again. Check if the Duo app works again and you can both make and receive calls. Note that the quality will decrease but on the other hand, communication is more important in these difficult times.

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5. Clear the cache and data

Old or corrupted data can cause Google Duo to malfunction. The solution is simple. Open Settings> Applications> Manage applications, find the Duo application and open it.

Tap the Clear Data option as it appears on your phone. You can also clear the cache. Restart the Duo app and check if it works properly now.

6. Reinstall clean

Here’s the trick. You can’t uninstall Google Duo because it comes preinstalled on most Android phones. If you installed it separately or it was not preinstalled on your device (Android), follow point 5 above, then uninstall Duo.

Why? This removes all cache files and corrupted data before starting a new installation. Otherwise, the old data will bring back old errors and bugs with. There is no way to clear cache data on iOS phones. So don’t search yet.

Another advantage of this step is that Duo will be updated to the latest version of the application. This can help remove known errors and bugs and provide performance and stability fixes. If you can’t uninstall Duo, check for updates in the Play Store instead. For iOS users, you should check the update of the App Store for Google Duo.

Make the duo

This is a classic case of bad naming policy. Google Duo was initially launched with one-on-one calls, hence the name. It supports up to 12 participants now, but the name is still a bit confusing. Either way, it comes preinstalled on most Android phones. It’s an amazing ad-free app, and you’re free to make video calls with loved ones and loved ones.

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I hope one of the above solutions worked for you and Google Duo now works on your Android or iOS smartphone. If you found another way to fix the problem, share it with us in the comments section below. It might help some of our other readers.


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Last updated on April 25, 2020


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