How to Fix a Green Cell or Green Line Error in Google Sheets

How to Fix a Green Cell or Green Line Error in Google Sheets

Google Sheets users face a problem when they see a green line after certain cells or the cell with a green border. This can be problematic or just a bad case of conditional formatting. In some cases, this can ruin the dataset, and you don’t want it. This message will guide you on how to fix the green cell or green line error in Google Sheets.

Why is Google suddenly highlighting these cells? Why is the cell green in Google Sheet? Why is there a green line after a cell? We will find everything there. There may be several reasons for this strange event, and we will discuss it in this guide.

Let’s start.

1. Highlighted by research

Did you search Google Sheets for something? Your browser or Sheets document will highlight the cell that contains the value you searched for, making it easier for you to locate it. The common keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F.

Fixed green cell or green line error in Google Sheets 1

It is also possible that the search bar is not visible, but is still searching in the background, which highlights the cell. Check the browser’s search and delete it immediately.

2. File open elsewhere

Do you notice a green border around a particular cell? The cell is not filled with color here. It is a telltale sign that the same document is open on a different device or the same device but in a different browser tab. Determine where it is open and close the duplicate instance.

Fixed green cell or green line error in Google Sheets 7

It can be your smartphone or desktop laptop. This can happen even if no one else is using or accessing the file.

Bonus tip: Protected cells

Here is a bonus tip that will assure you that you will not experience this problem in the future when the cells turn green or notice a green line after a random cell in Google Sheets.

Sometimes you hit the wrong keyboard shortcut and get it wrong. To avoid such situations, simply lock the cell range.

Step 1: Select the range of cells you want to protect against further changes. Right-click the selected range of cells and select the Protect Range option.

Fixed green cell or green line error in Google Sheets 9

2nd step: You can enter the description to remind yourself why you locked the cell range. If you share the sheet with others, they will know what they are not supposed to do. Click Permissions now.

Fixed green cell or green line error in Google Sheets 10

Step 3: You can choose to display a warning message when someone tries to change the cell range. It depends entirely on you.

Fixed green cell or green line error in Google Sheets 11

You can also set permissions for anyone who can change the range of protected cells. What else? You can also copy permissions from other cell ranges that you previously protected from the drop-down menu. Simply select “Copy permissions from another range”. Click Done to save the changes.

The Green Land of God

Google Sheets is a powerful spreadsheet application. Although not as versatile as Microsoft’s Excel may be, Sheets is good enough for most users. Add a few add-ons and extensions to the mix, and you’re looking at a formidable opponent. New to Google Sheets? We’ve covered Google Sheets tips and tricks in detail.

The cell or green line error in your Sheets document should be corrected with the solutions mentioned above. If you found another way to fix this, share it with us in the comments section below.


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Last updated on May 28, 2020

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