How to find out who removed you from a Microsoft team meeting

How to find out who removed you from a Microsoft team meeting

“Someone just removed you from the meeting” – Does this message sound familiar to you? Many Microsoft Teams users face the same problem when someone expels them from a random meeting. Of course, you would like to know why you were evicted and who did it. This is a confusing question, and we will try to help you understand this in this post with Microsoft Teams.

As a general rule, one would think that this privilege should be reserved for the organizer of the group video call. This is somewhat the case, but things work slightly differently in Microsoft Teams. What does it mean?

Well, find the answer here where you will learn how to prevent someone from deleting you in Microsoft Teams.

Note: You can also use the guide mentioned below to prevent users from cutting others in Microsoft Teams.

Why does someone remove or remove others from a Microsoft team meeting

If you teach an online course through Microsoft Teams, you should have encountered this issue at least once. Students in your class could remove other students just for fun. Well, adults are not far behind. Even they sometimes like to be malicious by expelling other teammates.

But why and how is it possible? The answer lies in the fact that Microsoft assigns participants’ roles in a strange way. This is when a person creates a meeting in Microsoft Teams, they get the role of organizer. Now, traditionally, the other participants should play a less powerful role. However, this is not what happens in teams.

The other participants are given the role of presenter. Presenters and organizers have the same privileges, except that the organizers cannot be deleted by anyone. Apart from that, the organizer and presenters can mute other people, delete them, share the screen, change the role of participants, etc. This is the reason why anyone can literally take you out or mute you.

Who pulled me from Microsoft 10 teams

Fortunately, there is a third type of role in Microsoft Teams – participant. Participants have fewer rights than presenters and organizers.

How to find out who removed you from a Microsoft team meeting

Without wrapping up my words, let me make it clear. At the time of writing, Microsoft does not offer any functionality or way to find out who removed you from a call in Teams. Even the organizer cannot know. There is no log where you can check the activity. You are simply informed on the screen that someone has deleted you. That’s it.

Who pulled me from Microsoft 2 teams

So, what do we do? May the barbarian system continue? Nope. You can change the role of other participants to participants instead of presenters.

A participant does not have the right to delete other participants, to mute the sound or even to share content. He / she also cannot change the role of other participants.

Let’s see how to get participants to participate in Microsoft teams.

How to Change the Role of Members in Microsoft Teams

The steps vary on a computer and mobile applications. Let’s check them both.

Make a participant in Microsoft teams on computer

Step 1: In a Microsoft Teams meeting, click the Participants icon in the lower toolbar.

Who pulled me from Microsoft teams 1

2nd step: A People section will open. Pass your mouse over the name of the participants. A three-dot icon is displayed. Click on it. Select Create participant from the menu.

Who pulled me from Microsoft 3 teams

Step 3: A confirmation screen will appear. Click on Edit.

Who pulled me from Microsoft 4 teams

You will see that participants will receive a separate section under People. Repeat the steps to change the role of other participants.

Who pulled me from Microsoft 5 teams

Note: If you want to make a participant a presenter, repeat the same steps and choose to create a presenter from the menu.

Stop deleting people

The idea of ​​secret kicks in Microsoft Teams is quite troublesome. We do not know who is behind the malicious act. We hope Microsoft will add a way to identify the person. This would at least make people aware that it is not the right thing to do. Until then, you must assign the participant role to your participants. Learn more tips to make Microsoft teams interesting.


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Last updated on May 27, 2020

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