How to find emojis on the iPhone or iPad keyboard

How to find emojis on the iPhone or iPad keyboard

We show you the way to search for emojis on the iPhone or iPad keyboard, without having to go section by section.

 search emojis

So you can search for emojis on the iOS keyboard

Today we are going to teach you search for emojis on the iPhone or iPad keyboard. A great way not to go crazy when it comes to finding that emoji we want.

When we want to express ourselves through icons, either in the form of stickers or in emojis, there are times when it takes a long time to find the one we want. That is why Apple little by little makes things easier for us and allows us, among other things, to search for the emoji we want, using a search engine built into the keyboard.

We are going to show you that search engine and how we can find the emoji that we want or that best represents our state of mind.

How to find emojis on the iPhone or iPad keyboard

The process is very simple and in a few steps we will take this search engine that we are talking about. So to begin, we open the keyboard and we go directly to the emojis.

Once here, we will see that at the top we see a bar with the name of <>. It will be in this bar where we must write …

search for emojis 1search emojis 1

Click on the search engine

When we click on this bar, we will see that the keyboard reappears, but that the emojis that the search engine finds appear above the keyboard, according to the parameters that we are entering. That is, if we put <>, Emojis related to that topic will appear …

find emojis 2find emojis 2

Put the keywords

In this way, we can find much faster those icons that we like so much and that represent us in many conversations in which we want to show our state of mind. So we won’t waste any more time searching by categories until we find the one we really want.


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