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How to find, download and delete Google Duo call history

by David
How to find, download and delete Google Duo call history

Google Duo is gradually becoming everyone’s favorite video calling app, especially on Android phones. With each passing day, new users join the app and it has reached 1 billion downloads. Is your special person also part of the lot that joined the Duo app? It would be wonderful, but only if you could clear your recent call history with them on the Duo app. There are prying eyes everywhere, I know.

At first, it can be difficult to view Google Duo call history on mobile apps. In this article, you will learn how to check your Duo call history, and we will also show you how to permanently delete it from the app and phone records. And, if you want to download the call records, we also mentioned that.

So why wait? Let’s see how to check and delete the Google Duo call log on Android, iOS and Web.

Check and export Google Duo call history to Android

There are three ways to check your Google Duo call history on Android phones and tablets.

Method 1: View the full call history on Duo

First, open the Google Duo app on your phone. At the bottom you will see the profile icons of people who have recently contacted you. Swipe up to see the full list.

Method 2: View the history of individual calls

To view the detailed call history for a contact, open the Duo app. Swipe up to see the list of contacts. Tap the contact whose history you want to check.

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Then press the View History button on the far right of the messages.

You can also tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner. Select View full history.

Method 3: View in the phone app

You can also view Google Duo call history in the Phone app. However, for this you need to grant permission in the Duo settings.

To do this, open the Duo app and tap the three-dot icon at the top. Select Settings.

Tap Call settings. Then tap Add Duo Calls to the device’s call history. Tap Allow. Once you grant permission, the setting will disappear from the app.

You grant the Call Log permission to the Duo app. If you deactivate the Call Log permission, the setting will reappear in the app and the call history will not appear in the Phone or Dialer app on your Android phone or tablet.

Check and download Google Duo call history from the web

On the web version of Google Duo, you will find voice and video history directly on the home page. However, it only lists recent calls. Details such as voice, video, dialed or received calls are missing from the history.

If you want to verify this, you will need to download your call log from the web.

View detailed Google Duo call log on the web

To download Duo call history from the web, open duo.google.com. Click the settings icon at the top.

Click Download present next to the call log. The call log is downloaded in .csv format. There you will find all the details, such as call duration, time, etc.

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Delete Google Duo call history

Here’s how to clear your Duo call history from mobile apps and the web.

Clear Duo History on the Web

On the Google Duo web version, hover your cursor over the contact. Click the three-dot icon and select Delete Duo History.

Clear Duo History on Android and iOS

There are four ways to delete your Duo voice and video history on mobile.

Method 1: Clear Call Log from Google Duo Home Screen

On Android and iOS, you can see the call history on the home screen of the Duo app in the form of avatars. Press and hold the avatar you want to delete from the call log. Select Delete Duo History on Android and Delete from List on iOS to delete the recent call record.

Method 2: Delete the entire call history for a contact

To do this, open the contact in the Duo app and tap the three-dot icon at the top. Select Delete Duo History.

Method 3: delete call history from phone app

To delete the call log from the Phone app on Android, open the call record and tap the delete icon. On iPhone, swipe left on the call record to delete it.

Method 4: delete full call history (Android only)

If you want to clear the call log of all contacts on Duo, you must clear the data from the Duo app. This will delete all call records. However, note that your application will behave as if you had just installed it. You will have to reconnect.

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To clear the data, open Settings on your Android phone or tablet. Go to Applications> Duo> Storage. Tap Clear data.

Clean and start again

As one of the best video chat apps between Android and iOS, it’s the simple things that are worth it. This is one of the reasons for the rapid success of the Zoom app, which is another video calling app. Fortunately, Google Duo makes it easy to view and delete call records.


Do not confuse the simplicity of the Duo app with its inferior nature. It comes with many features that you can find in the next post where we cover tips and tricks for the Duo app.

Last updated on April 29, 2020

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