How to find a photo in a WhatsApp conversation quickly

How to find a photo in a WhatsApp conversation quickly

We show you how to find a photo in a WhatsApp conversation in a really fast way and see everything that has been spoken.

So you can find a photo in a conversation quickly

Today we are going to teach you find a photo in a WhatsApp conversation. A great way to jump right into the entire conversation the moment that photo was sent or received.

Many times we want to find a photo, but more than anything because at that moment in which we receive the image or send it, we had an interesting conversation. To do this, we had to search and search the conversation. To find the photo is very simple, with go to the information of the group and the images, it is more than enough.

But we want to go further, we want to find that image and the conversation we had at that very moment. So if this is your case, we will explain how to do it.

How to find a photo in a WhatsApp conversation

The process that we are going to follow is exactly the same as when we want to search for an image within a chat. So we go to the group information and directly to the files section.

Once here, we look for the photo we want or the video, and it is very simple. We hold down the image and we will see that two tabs appear, one is that of “Copy” and the other that of «Go to message». Obviously, we are interested in the latter …

photo in conversation 1

Long press the image

We click on “Go to the message” and it automatically takes us to the moment in which we send or receive that image and the entire conversation. In this way, we not only find the image, but we can also see the entire conversation that we had at that precise moment.


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