How to fast forward, rewind or slow down a video on Tik Tok

Are we facing the last moments of the TikTok app?

We bring you a trick that lovers of the social network of the moment are going to love. We show you a way to advance, back Y slow motion video on Tik Tok.

Fast forward, rewind and slow motion videos on Tik Tok

It is clear that one of the video platforms of the moment is Tik Tok. All those who try it fall into their networks and cannot stop watching videos of all kinds.

Surely you have ever come across a super curious or interesting video that you have wanted, for example, go to slow motion to carefully see a specific moment of it. Or, also, flick the video to see only the end of it. Well, there is a way to do it and we explain it below.

How to fast forward, rewind or slow down a video on Tik Tok:

All the audiovisual content that we see on this platform has a reproduction line with which it is not possible to act. It does not happen as, for example, in Youtube that by clicking on any part of the reproduction line that appears in red, we can skip the content to advance, rewind, etc….

This is sometimes a nuisance because we waste time watching parts of a video that we are not interested in and that, as often happens, makes the audience desperate. Well, in order to do what we discussed in the title of this tutorial we have to do the following:

  • Being in the video in which we want to execute any of the mentioned actions, click on the option «Share»And that we see characterized by an arrow on the right side of the screen.
  • Of all the options we choose “Paste”.

Tik Tok “Paste” option

  • Now a timeline will appear with which we can interact by moving our finger over it, to move forward, backward and even move the video in slow motion.
Fast forward, backward, slow motion Tik Tok videos

Fast forward, backward, slow motion Tik Tok videos

We have to make it clear that some videos do not allow this type of action to be done since they deactivate the “paste” option before uploading it to the social network. In these we will not be able to apply this tutorial.

We hope that this article has come to you with pearls and you give it the widest possible diffusion so that all Tiktokers they know.



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