How to enable Apple ProRAW format on iPhone

How to enable Apple ProRAW format on iPhone

We show you how to activate the Apple ProRAW format on the iPhone and thus be able to take photos with more data when editing.

 Apple ProRAW

So you can activate Apple ProRAW on the iPhone

Today we teach you to activate Apple ProRAW format. A good way to edit our photos, since the iPhone collects more information about the place where we are taking the snapshot.

When the iPhone 12 came out, Apple announced the arrival of a format called ProRAW. With this format we will get better images. With this we do not say that the photos look much better, but that the iPhone will have more data of the image that we are taking and therefore we can modify more aspects.

This function is deactivated by default, but we can activate it without problem. In addition, from the ‘Camera’ app, we can also activate or deactivate it whenever we want.

How to enable Apple ProRAW format on iPhone

What we must do first is to go to the iPhone settings and look for the tab <>. Inside we will see that we have several aspects to configure.

In our case, what interests us is this new format that Apple proposes to us. With which, what we must do is click on the tab <>, that appears at the top, first.

Once inside, we will see that at the bottom of this menu, we have the tab that we are talking about. Therefore, all we have to do is activate it …

Apple ProRAW 1Apple ProRAW 1

Activate tab

When we have it activated, we will see that in the camera app, this tab already appears at the top. We can activate or deactivate it whenever we want.

Apple ProRAW 2Apple ProRAW 2

Activate or deactivate from the Camera app

We recommend that you have it deactivated and activate it only when we have to take a photo of something with a lot of detail or things that we want to highlight. We basically say this, because each photo occupies about 25MB on the iPhone, so we can run out of space in a short time.

This feature is available to date only on the iPhone 12 Pro.

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