How to edit a playlist on Apple Music

How to edit a playlist on Apple Music

We show you how to edit a playlist in Apple Music even if it is playing at the same time.

So you can edit a playlist in Apple Music

Today we are going to teach you edit a playlist in Apple Music. A good way to move the songs and listen to them in the order we want.

When we put a playlist it is possible that at that moment we want to hear one song before another. That is why on many occasions we start playing the songs until we hear the ones we want. Apple, knowing this, makes our work much easier.

At APPerlas, we are going to show you how to change the songs in a playlist in order and thus listen to them whenever we want.

How to edit a playlist on Apple Music

The process is very simple, we go to the list that we want to listen to and we begin to reproduce it. It will be here when the songs that we are going to listen to are put in the queue.

What we should do is open this list. To do this, click on the song that is playing and we will see that the entire list of songs is displayed. The process is now very simple, if we look at it, Each song has an icon with three horizontal bars on the right.

playlist in Apple Music 1playlist on Apple Music 1

Click on the horizontal bars and move

We just have to hold down this button and scroll this song up or down. Depending on the order in which we want to listen to the songs.

Undoubtedly, a really good option that will allow us to enjoy our playlists even more, making modifications at the moment, but these will not affect the list that we have saved at all. It’s just going to be a change right then and there.


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