How to easily duplicate iPhone on Fire TV Stick

How to easily duplicate iPhone on Fire TV Stick

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is a blessing in disguise for people who don’t own smart TVs. This small device allows you to broadcast your favorite TV shows and movies, and also install other streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, among others.

As it is rich in functionality, it has some limitations. For one thing, you can’t mirror your iPhone content directly to Fire TV. So if you have to show a photo slideshow of your new trip or old memories, you are linked to your iPhone screen.

But luckily, there is an interesting workaround in the form of third-party apps, which gets the job done just as easily. So if you’re looking to mirror content from your iPhone to Amazon Fire TV, here’s how you can do it.

How to mirror iPhone to Fire TV Stick

To reflect the content of your iPhone, we will take the help of a third party application called AirScreen. And, you need to install the app on your Fire TV and Apple iPhone. Fortunately, all models are supported.

This app works on the Wi-Fi network. You must therefore ensure that your telephone and your television are connected to the same network.

If this is the first time you have installed an application on the Fire TV Stick, follow the steps below:

Step 1: On your Fire TV Stick, go to the Search tab and search for AirScreen. Press the Install button once you have located the application.

Ideally, the application should appear on the home screen after the installation process is complete. If you cannot find it, you will find it under the Application tab.

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2nd step: Open the application and click Start Server> Start icon. Once done, the device ID, server name and Wi-Fi name will appear in the upper left corner of the TV screen.

Now it’s half the trip. Let’s start the other half.

Step 3: On your iPhone, open the control menu and tap AirPlay. You will see the server name appear on the screen.

Now all you need to do is select it to start mirroring content from your phone to the TV. Pretty simple, right?

Sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite content from your phone on the Fire TV Stick.

Whenever you want to stop viewing content, tap Stop mirroring.

While the app is free on the Play Store and the Amazon Appstore, it does have some limitations. Although we did not observe any time restrictions when testing the application, there were a few 15 second announcements between operations.

However, you can get rid of the ads if you opt for the premium version. A month’s subscription costs around $ 3-4, which is a pretty good price, if you regularly mirror content on your TV.

The annual subscription plan costs around $ 12.

Supported applications

On apps like Music, Apple TV and YouTube, you’ll be able to see the AirPlay icon.

You have to press it, choose Fire TV Stick from the list of supported devices, and that’s about it.

Please note that the Fire TV Stick will not be able to read all of the content on Apple TV. For some content, you may get the error “Unable to play video”.

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Check-in using AirScreen

AirScreen not only lets you mirror your screen, it also lets you record content on the screen.

To do this, press the navigation key towards the bottom of your phone, and you will see the recording icon at the bottom of the screen. Well, you know the rest.

To find the recordings, go to the AirPlay main menu and scroll down until the Recordings option is displayed.

Unfortunately, you can only play these recordings on TV. You will not be able to share them with another device / TV.

If you ever need to uninstall this app, the process is easy.

To uninstall the application, go to the Applications option in the Settings section.

Once there, click on AirPlay and you will see the Uninstall button.

Fire TV Stick bonus settings

1. Disable automatic video and audio playback

You should have already seen the autoplay videos on your Fire TV Stick called Featured Content, and this banner automatically starts playing the banner video as soon as you stop for a second. And to be honest, it can be a little annoying.

Fortunately, there is a way to turn it off.

To do this, go to the Settings tab in the menu bar and click Preferences. Once inside, scroll down to Featured Content and turn off the audio and video options.

For now, Fire TV Stick allows you to mute the volume and audio.

2. Change the default browser

Do you like the default Silk browser? Otherwise, you can go to Firefox browser. Yes, you read that right. To do this, you must install Firefox on your Fire TV Stick from the App Store.

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After that, head to Preferences and scroll to the end of the menu until you see Default Browser.

Once inside, select Firefox from the menu.

Mirror mirror on the wall

With apps like AirScreen, mirroring your iPhone content on the TV is a hassle-free affair. The good thing about this is that there is only a minor lag between the two screens.

So how often do you reflect content on your iPhone?


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Last updated April 6, 2020


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