How to easily change the Grub background with Grub Customizer

How to easily change the Grub background with Grub Customizer

Let’s admit it. When you start your Linux computer, the Grub menu looks ugly. Fortunately, if you don’t like the look of your Grub start menu, you can configure it to your liking. The most striking change is to use a custom background. Here we’ll show you how to easily change the background of Grub.

Install Grub Customizer

To install the grub customizer on Arch, Manjaro and compatible distributions, use:

On Fedora, you can try:

On Debian, Ubuntu and compatible distributions, you can integrate it with:

Easy Grub Background Change Sudo Apt Install

Then find it among the other installed apps and run it.

Easy Grub background change Find in appsEasy Grub background change Find in apps

Change the background

Grub Customizer offers many options that allow you to modify your Grub start menu, tweak its entries, and configure its appearance.

Change background Easy Grub Skip optionsChange background Easy Grub Skip options

Go to “Appearance settings”. There you will find the option you need.

Easy Grub background change appearance settingsEasy Grub background change appearance settings

To the left of the Grub Customizer window, you’ll find a handful of options that define its appearance. Click on the last one, the “(None)” button under “background image”.

Note that if your Grub already has a defined background, you will see this instead of “(None)” in this button.

Choose the image file you want to use as the background for your Grub start menu in the requester that appears.

Change background Easy Grub Select imageChange background Easy Grub Select image

You can choose files directly in JPG or PNG format.

Results of the Easy Grub background change overviewResults of the Easy Grub background change overview

Grub Customizer will load the image you have selected and preview the appearance of your start menu. If the colors of your wallpaper make text unreadable, you can use the rest of the options on the left to change the color of your font and its background, both when it is not selected and highlighted .

Change of background Easy Grub Save configurationChange of background Easy Grub Save configuration

When you are satisfied with the appearance of your new combination of wallpaper and menu text, click the “Save” button at the top left to save your changes.

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Restart your computer to see the changes. If the grub menu does not appear, it can be configured to directly load the default operating system. To force Grub to appear, after rebooting and right after the BIOS / UEFI screen, keep Offset pressed your keyboard.

Easy Grub background change test resultsEasy Grub background change test results

If you wish, you can deepen Grub and Grub Customizer to customize your computer’s start menu. However, changing its background and primary colors will probably be more than enough for most users.

If you are wondering what is the Linux boot process and how Grub plays a role, we have a tutorial here for you. Have you customized your Grub start menu to your liking? What changes and settings have you applied? Tell us in the comments section below.


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