How to Download Music from Spotify on Apple Watch

How to Download Music from Spotify on Apple Watch

We show you the way to download music from Spotify on the Apple Watch and thus be able to listen to the songs we want offline.

So you can download Spotify music on Apple Watch

Today we are going to teach you download music from Spotify to Apple Watch. A great way to take your music with you and listen to it when you are offline.

The truth is that the Apple Watch has become our faithful companion, our adventure friend. It is that device that we take anywhere and that always, always… has something to offer us. In this case it was not going to be less and it offers us the possibility of being able to download music from Spotify on our watch.

So if you are going out for a run, for a walk … you can do it now by leaving your iPhone at home and taking only your watch and headphones. We will explain everything to you below …

How to Download Music from Spotify on Apple Watch

The process is very simple, for this, we just have to go to the streaming music app that we are talking about. Once here, we just have to look for the song that we are going to download.

When we have the song, in order to download it, it has to be inside an album. Therefore, what we recommend is to create one and then add the songs that we want. Knowing this, we open the album that we have created and click on the three points …

download music from Spotify 1

Click on the button with the three dots

By clicking on this button, a menu will appear in which we have the tab we are talking about. We click on this tab and it will automatically be downloaded to our watch …

download music from Spotify 2

Tab to download on the Watch

In this simple way, we can download music to our watch for when we leave home for a run, a walk, or go to the gym … Whichever option we choose, we can listen to the music we want.


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