How to download iPhone 12 wallpapers and install them

How to download iPhone 12 wallpapers and install them

We bring you the iPhone 12 wallpapers. If you are one of the people who loves these new native backgrounds of iOS, we share them at maximum resolution so that you can enjoy them on your devices.

How to download iPhone 12 wallpapers and install them

IPhone 12 backgrounds. (Image:

Every time a new iPhone, this comes accompanied with wallpapers exclusive to the new model. That is why if you are not going to buy the iPhone 12, in any of its modalities, and you want to enjoy them in your iPhoneWhatever it is, keep reading because you will be able to download them.

This year the theme has been circular and the truth is that they are fabulous. We are going to pass you the background in 10 different colors so that you can download them all or the one you like the most.

IPhone 12 wallpapers:

We show you some of the colors of the Wallpapers of the iPhone 12 and, after the image, the 10 download links in their different colors:

Wallpapers of the new iPhoneHow to download iPhone 12 wallpapers and install them

Wallpapers of the new iPhone

Download links in their different colors, at MAXIMUM RESOLUTION:

Thanks to the website for uploading these files and sharing them with the entire community.

How to put the iPhone 12 Wallpapers:

We are going to explain how to proceed to download and install them on your screens:

  • Click on the download link of the wallpaper that you like the most.
  • Now you will see that it opens in a new screen of Safari.
  • When you have it on the screen, press and hold the image and a menu will appear where you must choose «Add to Photos».
  • Now you will have it in your photo reel and to install it you must access it and, when you have it on the screen, click the share button (square with up arrow that appears at the bottom of the screen) and choose the option “Wallpaper”.
  • Now you can configure it to your liking.

We hope you found the article interesting and, as always, if so, share it with all the people who may be interested.


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