How to disable WhatsApp statuses on iPhone

How to see WhatsApp status without being seen [2020]

Disable WhatsApp statuses and avoid sharing statuses with anyone. If you are not to share this type of content, better deactivate it… right ?. In addition, we teach you to silence them if what you want is not to see them.

WhatsApp statuses

WhatsApp statuses

Today we are going to teach you disable WhatsApp statuses at iPhone, a simple way to prevent someone from seeing a state of ours if, accidentally, we send one.

This function of the famous app instant messenger, it came in a somewhat cold way. Little by little people are encouraged to share in state But if you are like us, who does not want to share anything, you better deactivate it.

How to disable WhatsApp statuses on iPhone:

What we must do is enter the app and go to the Setting Of the same. Once there we click on the tab “Bill”and we access it.

Inside we will see several tabs, among which is the one of “Privacy”, It will be this in which we must fix and access this menu.

We are already in the privacy settings and we will see a new tab, that of “State”. In this tab we can select the contacts of which we want to see their status and of those to whom we want to show ours.

Disable WhatsApp statuses

States option

Since what we want is not to show anyone anything, we click on the option STATE and in «Just share with …» we leave it to zero. We don’t choose anyone.

How to disable WhatsApp status

We choose zero contacts

Now no one will be able to see our status in case we publish one.

How to mute other people’s WhatsApp stories:

If what we want is not to see the state of other people, to deactivate them we must go to the states in question. Once we are in the status screen, we slide it from right to left and click on “Silence”.

Mute WhatsApp statuses

Silence WhatsApp statuses

In this way they will appear in the “Silenced” tab at the bottom, and they will appear in a more grayish tone. So every time someone uploads a status we will not be bothered by the notification that a new status has been uploaded.

To reactivate them, we must do the same previous process, but on the Status of the muted contact.

If we want to see them, even if we have them in silence, we can click on them to do so. Of course, you must do what we link to you in the following link to to see the states without a trace.

To silence the States sent by WhatsAppWe will have to do it in the way that we explained in the link that we have just put in this same sentence. It is done in a different way than the one we have explained to you and that way can also be used for any contact.

In this simple way we can deactivate the states of Whatsapp, a novelty that as we have commented, we do not need any.


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