How to Disable WhatsApp Notifications Preview on iPhone

Here’s how to disable the preview of WhatsApp notifications on your iPhone using simple settings.

Are you someone who likes privacy and does not want anyone to check who is sending you messages or what sms someone has sent you on WhatsApp? If there is such a case, you are in the right place where I will show you a very quick way disable WhatsApp preview on your iPhone

To hide the notifications, then look at your iPhone in two steps. You can use the first step to hide all the app previews on the notifications while the phone is locked or unlocked. The choice is yours, follow the steps and do it.

If you now do not want to set any notification previews for WhatsApp and any other application, these settings are still available to you. Follow the given steps on your device and we are done with it.


    1. Open the WhatsApp on your iPhone, now click on Settings available in the bottom right corner.
    2. Go to Notifications and turn off previews.
      disable WhatsApp notifications

This is how you can secure your WhatsApp messages on LockScreen or anywhere. You can also check the other notifications on this page. Like that you can stop banners within your chats and that there is no interruption anymore.

The first basic step is to enable TouchID or FaceID in your account. Each user has a unique FaceID or TouchID which means only your device can unlock. Actually, hiding the preview of notifications on your iPhone LockScreen will only show the text or message when the device is unlocked.

So if you want to hide the preview of all notifications on your device, follow these steps and feel safe for friends or family or other people around you.

On your iPhone, go to Settings> Notifications> Display previews.

iPhone settings notificationsiPhone settings notifications show previews

Now they are set up according to your need. If you only want to hide notifications on the LockScreen, select When it is unlocked, or select the Never option if you do not want to see it. It’s easy.

That’s all for today. You can also close WhatsApp app on your iPhone use the built-in feature for more privacy considerations.

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