How to disable or enable Picture in Picture on iPhone

How to disable or enable Picture in Picture on iPhone

We show you how to deactivate or activate Picture in Picture on the iPhone or iPad, in case we do not want to use this function.

So you can deactivate or activate Picture in Picture

Today we are going to teach you disable or enable Picture in Picture on iPhone. A new function in the iPhone with iOS 14 and that we can choose if we want it or not.

With the arrival of iOS 14We saw these functions that were already known, for example, on the iPad. It has finally reached the iPhone and we can enjoy it, but yes, we can deactivate it whenever we want. Also, in the event that it does not appear or does not work for you, you may have to activate it.

Whatever the reason why you do not want this function or it simply does not appear, we are going to explain step by step how to make it appear or disappear.

How to disable or enable Picture in Picture on iPhone

What we must do, as a serpent that we want to modify any aspect of our device, is to go to its settings.

Therefore, from the settings, we go to the tab <>. Inside we will find several aspects that we can modify from iOS, but in this case, we must go to the other tab called <>.

enable Picture in Picture 1activate Picture in Picture 1

From the General section of the Settings we access this function

Here we will see the function that we are commenting on, which may well appear to us activated or deactivated. Now it is up to us to do what we want with it. We can either activate it and enjoy this function or if, on the contrary, we do not give it any use, we can deactivate it completely.

In this simple way we can enjoy that function that we asked so much of Apple for the iPhone and that we already have. But as we have commented, if you are not interested in having it, you can deactivate it without problem.


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