How to disable or enable explicit Spotify content

We show you the way to deactivate or activate the explicit content of Spotify, in order to listen to songs as the artist intended.

In this way you can activate the explicit content of Spotify

Today we are going to teach you disable or enable explicit Spotify content. Good way to be able to listen to the songs as the artists have composed them and not as they make them modify them to be heard by all audiences.

Spotify is the leading streaming music platform. And it is that with the passage of time a gap has been made in our homes, and perhaps today we do not understand music without this platform. It is true that we have other great platforms like Apple music that shade this one quite a lot, but nevertheless, Spotify remains the leader.

One of the things it continues to be a leader for is the multitude of options and functions it has. The function that we are talking about today is one of those that make the app special.

How to disable or enable explicit Spotify content

What we must do is go to the settings of the app. To do this, we open it and click on the gear icon that appears at the top right.

When we enter these settings, we must look at the tab <> and click on it. Inside we will find only a tab that we can activate or deactivate.

 activate explicit content 1

Activate or deactivate the tab that appears

In this case it depends on what we want to hear or if we have little ones at home, on what we let them listen to. It is true that many artists compose songs, in which their lyrics may not be for all audiences. That is why Spotify will mark them with the letter “AND”.

In case you want to have more information about it, this is what Spotify says about this type of explicit songs …

activate explicit content 2

Spotify’s explanation of explicit content

So now you know what the lyrics that appear next to some Spotify songs mean and how you can activate or deactivate them.

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