How to disable in-app purchases on iPhone and iPad

How to disable in-app purchases on iPhone and iPad

Today we are going to teach you deactivate purchases within app. This will prevent us from being able to buy any content within the applications. It is highly recommended to activate for parents.

Disable in-app purchases

In many Applications, especially free, they offer us purchases within the app. These types of purchases are called «In-app purchase » and allow access to more options, functions … even, in the case of games, purchase of coins to advance faster in them.

It is quite easy to make these types of expenses without realizing it, especially in the case of leaving the iPhone or iPad to the kids. They can buy something without realizing it and we find the charge on our account, without knowing where it comes from. We tell you from our own experience … hehehehe.

It is because of that Manzana gives us the ability to restrict these purchases. An adjustment that will allow us to be calm and not worry about buying something that we do not owe.

How to disable in-app purchases on iPhone and iPad:

The first thing we have to do is enter Settings. Within settings, we must press the tab “Use time” and within the menu that appears, we will click on “Restrictions”.

iOS restrictions

Click on the option «Restrictions»

Now we have to click on the option “ITunes and App Store Purchases”. When doing so, the following menu will appear.

Settings in the App Store

Settings in the App Store

This is where we must access the option «In-app purchases» and select “Do not allow”.

 Select "Do not allow"

Select «Do not allow»

When we deactivate it, we will no longer be able to make these acquisitions in-app, unless we want to. In case we want to do one, we will have to do this tutorial but instead of clicking on “Do not allow” we will have to choose the option “Allow”.

An option, as we have already said, very interesting to avoid making expenses without realizing it and, above all, so that children do not buy anything without permission while making use of the iPhone Y iPad.



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