How to disable auto play on Amazon Prime Video

How to disable auto play on Amazon Prime Video

We show you how to deactivate the auto play of Amazon Prime Video and thus prevent it from playing automatically.

This is how you can deactivate the auto play of Amazon Prime Video

Today we are going to teach you disable Amazon Prime Video auto play. Without a doubt, a great way to avoid that after the end of one episode, another begins.

When we are watching content through streaming apps, how can they be? Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video… It is very normal to see that after finishing said content, another one automatically starts. This is used so that people spend more time consuming content, which in the end is what these platforms live on.

But what many users do not know is that we can deactivate this without any problem and thus have control of what we are going to see.

How to disable auto play on Amazon Prime Video

The process is very simple, although we must follow the steps as we are going to explain in this article. To do this, we go to the app and go directly to its settings.

To get to this point, click on our profile and then on the cogwheel that we see at the top right. We will already be in the configuration menu, which is the place that interests us.

Therefore, once we are here, we must click on the tab “Auto Play”. This appears in the first block …

auto play 1

From the settings, click on the corresponding option

Upon entering, we will have the option to activate or deactivate this function. As what we want is not to play one chapter after another, we must deactivate it …

auto play 2

Deactivate the tab that appears to us

Once done, we will no longer have to worry, when the content that we have chosen ends, it will pause until we want to see something else. But yes, we must always decide.


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