If you are going to buy an iPhone 12 to enjoy 5G, read this before

How to disable 5G on the iPhone 12, in all its versions

We show you how to deactivate 5G in the iPhone 12 and thus avoid that excessive battery consumption that it can produce.

This is how you can disable 5G on the iPhone 12

Today we are going to teach you disable 5G on iPhone 12. A good way to save some battery at the end of the day by deactivating this new technology.

Surely we all already know about the existence of 5G. In addition, Apple, in the presentation of the new iPhone 12, made clear the inclusion of this technology in each and every one of its new devices. But the surprise came, when it was discovered that all that speed was only available in the US and not worldwide.

That is why many users cannot even connect to this 5G network and therefore, their device spends the day searching for said network. This results in excessive battery consumption, so we are going to show you how to deactivate this.

How to disable 5G on iPhone 12

First of all, it is clear that we must have an iPhone 12 or higher to have this 5G network. Therefore, starting from this base, we go to the settings of our iPhone.

Once here, we must look for the tab <> and inside, we will see the lines that we have active. That is, both the SIM and the eSIM (in case of having it).

Knowing this, we select our main line or in which we use the data (if we only have one, we select that) and inside, the tabs we are looking for will appear. In this case, we look for that of <>.

5G on iPhone 12 15G on iPhone 12 1

From the ‘Mobile data’ tab

Click on this and we will see that several options appear. Among these three options that appear to us, there is one in which we only see 4G, so we select that tab.

5G on iPhone 12 25G on the iPhone 12 2

Select 4G network

By doing so, we will already be making use of the 4G network and not 5G, so our device will not run a network of this type all day to be able to connect. As a result, we will be saving a considerable battery, which will come in handy at the end of the day.

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