How to dim the wallpaper with dark mode

How to dim the wallpaper with dark mode

We show you how to dim the wallpaper with dark mode so that it does not look so bright when it is active.

This is how you can dim the wallpaper on the iPhone

Today we are going to teach you dim the wallpaper in dark mode. A good way to make everything look darker when we have this mode active.

We were all always crying out for dark mode on iOS. Apple finally gave it to us with the arrival of iOS 14, although it is true that it is not quite as we expected. But even so, we have the possibility to always have it active, to do it whenever we want or to do it automatically at sunrise or sunset.

Well, in this aspect we focus, and that is that we can make the dark mode even more subdued. To do this, we will make the background that we have on, darken a little more.

How to dim the wallpaper with dark mode

What we must do is go to the device settings. When we are here, click on the tab <>.

Inside, as we have explained, we can configure the dark mode. We can do it automatically, do it when we want or leave it fixed. But what interests us is that when it is the way we speak, the wallpaper also dims.

To do this, if we look, at the bottom we have a tab that we must activate. By doing so, the wallpaper will be darkened …

dim wallpaper 1dim the background screen 1

Activate the tab to dim

In addition, in small size it shows us the result and the difference between activating or deactivating this function. Of course, this will only work when we have the dark mode activated. Once it is deactivated, the background will be seen as we see it normally.

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