How to Delete WhatsApp Call History on iPhone

How to Delete WhatsApp Call History on iPhone

We show you the way to delete the WhatsApp call history on the iPhone and thus be able to free up memory on your device.

So you can delete WhatsApp call history

Today we are going to teach you delete WhatsApp call history on iOS. A good way to free up space on your device.

Throughout the day, we may receive more than one call through this instant messaging platform. This causes our history to fill up and in the end it ends up depleting our storage. The solution is very simple and quickly, we will be able to avoid this problem.

So if your space is somewhat tight, it is important that you carry out this process, because nothing will hurt your iPhone.

How to delete WhatsApp call history

As we have commented, the process is very simple and in a few steps we will have our entire history clean. To do this, we go to the messaging app that we are talking about.

Once here, obviously, we must go to the calls section. It will be from here from where we carry out the whole process. Therefore, once here, we click on the button that appears in the upper left with the name of “Edit”.

By doing so, a new tab with the name of “Get rid of”. And then, click on the option that will appear in the pop-up menu below …

WhatsApp call history 1

Delete all calls

By doing this, we delete all the history and there will no longer be a trace or it will take up space on our device. In this way, as we have already mentioned, we will be freeing up space on our iPhone in a really fast way.

It must be remembered that many times we forget to do this and we accumulate a large number of incoming calls and made on our devices.


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