How to delete the Apple Pay cards that we have on the iPhone

How to delete the Apple Pay cards that we have on the iPhone

We show you the way to remove the Apple Pay cards that we have on our device and remove them if we do not spend them.

remove Apple Pay cards

So you can remove Apple Pay cards

Today we are going to teach you delete Apple Pay cards stored on iPhone. A good way to remove those cards with which we no longer pay, but which are taking up space.

Surely you have a saved card that you no longer use, or from a bank that you are no longer or in which you have no funds because you do not use. But that card is still stored on the iPhone and still occupies valuable space on your device. The truth is that the way to eliminate them is somewhat hidden, but we are going to show you how we can do it.

Therefore, do not miss anything that we are going to tell you next, because it will surely be very useful for you.

How to remove Apple Pay cards from iPhone

What we should do is go to the Wallet app and look for that card to which we do not give any use. When we have located it, we must open it and click on the symbol that appears in the upper right.

remove Apple Pay 1 cardsremove Apple Pay 1 cards

Click on the circular symbol and then on delete card

Doing so will open a new screen, from which we will see that tab we are looking for. For this, we must scroll to the end of this menu and we will see the tab with the name of <>. So we click on that tab and voila, we will have it completely removed from our device.

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This process is very similar to that of deleting those entries that are also stored in wallet and that later we do not know how to delete them. We already explained in an article the way to do it and to be able to erase them as we are using them.


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